Rhino Bar and Pumphouse is conveniently located in the heart of Georgetown at

3295 M St. NW Washington DC 20007     Phone   202-333-3150

Hours of Operation  

Monday thru Thursday 6pm – 2am
Friday   5pm – 3am
Saturday   noon – 3am
Sunday  noon – 2am

Since the opening Monday Night Football game in 2000, the Rhino Bar & Pumphouse has sold more than 25,000,000 chicken wings.

Come in to watch college football on our multiple big screens. Rhino Bar is the official, and unofficial, DC college football bar with coverage of all regional and nationally broadcasted games. Rhino Bar captures the campus spirit with an energetic crowd featuring Penn State and Ohio State. Come join us and stay all afternoon with 25 cent wings and $10 domestic pitchers.

Sundays and Mondays at the Rhino Bar are dedicated to all of the NFL action. Rhino Bar and the NFL Sunday Ticket allows fans from all parts of the country to follow their favorite teams. The Rhino Bar is also the Official Philadelphia Eagles Headquarters on game day. Come Sunday to enjoy $10 domestic pitchers and 25 cent wings during Eagles games.

Rhino Bar defines Monday Night Football with 25 cent wings and $10 Miller Lite pitchers.



It all started in the 50’s when we opened a small little place called the SHAMROCK. This little hole in the wall was home for many a thirsty businessman. SHAMROCK was one of the first drinking establishments in Georgetown, and has seen the village go from a one lane road that had just a few stores to the bustling, internationally famous shopping district that you enjoy today. You can still see the original sign for the SHAMROCK in the bar.

The early 70’s saw the SHAMROCK get a face lift and in 1972 the Woodward Brothers opened the doors as WINSTONS Bar. It was a fun little place that saw the first group of college students turn our place into their local hangout. It was a place that saw many of the local bands get their start, and many times finish, within our walls. WINSTONS was the first establishment in the Georgetown area to offer a nightly DJ and party every night. A tradition that has remained a staple of the Woodward Brothers since. After 25 years of rockin & rollin, WINSTONS needed to do some painting and caulking. After all those years sustaining the baby boomers, management decided to give the old place its biggest face lift of all.

After several months of labor, a RHINO was born in Georgetown. A traditional Georgetown saloon on the main level and a second floor with a warehouse ambiance provide an upbeat level of entertainment unmatched anywhere in the area.


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